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An ethical approach to brand exposures and link building for agencies or business owners that want to succeed. Our blogger outreach service is as good as it gets in terms of link power and quality. We acquire high quality, professional content which contains information about your brand with links back to your website. Our outreach team then manually negotiates with real bloggers in your niche to have the content published.

Blogger Outreach Features

Our blogger outreach service packs some unmatched features.

High Power Backlinks

Our outreach service gives you high power backlinks from real authority blogs in your niche. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to SEO.

Targeted Traffic

We outreach to High authority blogs which are ranked in Google and have a real readership. That brings highly targeted traffic to your website.

100% Manual Outreach

Our outreach team manually negotiate with bloggers who we have relationships with. No blog networks or blogger communities are used.

Safe White Hat Strategy

Our outreach strategy is a very safe, legitimate, white hat strategy where links are gained through real outreach and hard-earned relationships over years.

Frequently asked questions

Is guest blogging through blogger outreach an ethical form of SEO?

Yes this method is the most ethical and effective. The in-content links that we secure have been the ultimate ranking improving links for many years and will be for a long time. The links are in non-promotional pieces of content which are completely natural.

Can I choose which sites and review the content beforehand?

Yes, you can select the sites from a pool of proposed ones per your initial inquiry. You can also review the content if you wish before it get published.

Who writes the content for the blog posts?

We have a team of UK and USA based writers who write exceptional quality content in a professional tone. The blogs which we post to are high authority blogs and they only accept high quality content, so rest assured your brand will only be affiliated with top notch content.

Can I write my own content?

You can if you wish, but the quality will have to be reviewed by our outreach team to make sure it is up to the high quality standard that our partners require before publishing it to their blogs. If you plan to write your own content, please have it ready before placing your order to prevent any delays.

What does DA stand for?

DA stands for Domain Authority. Domain Authority is a metric calculated by for all established websites on the internet. We use the DA metric to determine the quality of blogs we publish content to. Our blogger outreach service guarantees posts on blogs ranging from DA 10+ to DA 50+. A DA 10+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 10 or higher. A DA 30+ post will guarantee a post on a blog with a DA of 30 or higher, and so on.

Can I have anchor text links or plain links?

This is up to you! You can choose the anchor text/brand anchors/plain links depending on your strategy. If you need help with that then just let us know.

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